Higher Power Lyrics – Coldplay

Higher Power Lyrics

(Three, two, one) Sometimes I just can’t take itSometimes I just can’t take it and it isn’t alrightI’m not going to make itAnd I think my shoe’s untied (Oh oh) I’m like a broken recordI’m like a broken record and I’m not playing rightDrocer nekorb a ekil miTill you tell me on your heavenly phone … Read more

Having Our Way Lyrics – Migos

Having Our Way Lyrics

“Having Our Way”(feat. Drake) [Drake:]Load up the Drac’Fuck it, I’m makin’ ’em payIt’s however niggas wan’ take it (Ayy)I’m havin’ my way, ‘Set out here havin’ his wayQua’ out here havin’ his way, and like the third Migo, I take(Bitch, what?)Load up the Drac’What else are they gonna play?This however niggas wan’ take it (Ayy)I’m … Read more

Need To Know Lyrics – Doja Cat

Need To Know Lyrics - Doja Cat

Need To Know Lyrics Yeah Wanna know what it’s likeBaby show me what it’s likeI don’t really got no typeI just wanna fu*k all night Oh Yeah yeah!ohh woah woah.. BebeI need to kno wowI just been fantasizin’ SizeAnd we got a lotta timeBaby come throw the pipeGotta know what it’s like Yeah yeah!ohh woah … Read more

Lost Cause Lyrics Billie Eilish

Lost Cause Lyrics Billie Eilish

“Lost Cause” Something’s in the… Something’s in the air right nowLike I’m losin’ track of time (Time, time)Like I don’t really care right nowBut maybe that’s fineYou weren’t even there that dayI was waitin’ on you (You, you)I wonder if you were aware that dayWas the last straw for me and I know I sent … Read more

95 south lyrics – J. Cole Lyrics

95 south lyrics

95 south lyrics [Cam’ron (J. Cole):]Killa, it’s The Off-SeasonLet’s keep it tall, y’all ain’t fuckin’ with my manAnd don’t check your watch, you know the timeCole World, Killa Cam’, niggas is fuckin’ finished (Yeah) [J. Cole:]This shit too easy for me nowNigga, Cole been goin’ plat’ since back when CDs was aroundWhat you sold, I … Read more

Yonaguni Bad Bunny Lyrics English

Yonaguni Bad Bunny Lyrics English

[Intro]Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeahYeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeahYeah-yeah-yeah-eh, yeah [Pre-Chorus]One more night and extra glassesYou don’t leave me alone, you don’t leave my mind [Chorus]Even though I know that I shouldn’t, ayyThinking of you, baby, but when I drinkYour name comes to mind, your face, your laugh, and your hair, ayyTell me where you are, for you I’ll get on a flightAnd … Read more